Dublin Institute of Technology Student Managed Fund (DIT SMF)

The Dublin Institute of Technology Student Managed Fund (DIT SMF) was established  in January 2018 and it allows students to develop skills in the fields of business analysis, investing, risk management, valuations and equity analysis within a secure corporate governance structure.
The student executive committee oversees the day to day investment and operational activities of the fund. The student executive committee are guided by the advisory board which comprises of academics from within DIT and also industry experts.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee operates the Fund on a day-to-day basis. This committee is headed by the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Investment Officer.


Advisory Board

The advisory board guide the executive committee on any major investment decisions and notification of the investment decisions are run by the advisory board first. The advisory board holds official quarterly meetings with the executive committee throughout the academic calendar year.


Research Student Analysts

Our analysts are tasked with assisting sector managers with idea generation, securities analysis and stock pitching. They form the backbone of the Fund and all equity investments are driven by their analysis. Each term they work with their team to produce a pitch, each week they must provide an update on our holdings and the market, which they cover. Our research student analysts come from a variety of courses within DIT such as:

– MSc. Finance
– BSc. Economics and Finance
– BSc. Accounting and Finance
– BSc. Engineering
– BSc. Business and Management
– BSc. Business and Law
– BSc. Mathematical Science
– BSc. Data Analytics
– Postgraduate Diploma in Finance
– Certificate in Business Studies



The Risk Team comprises of Chief Risk Officer and Risk Analysts who quantify and monitor the risk inherent in SMF’s portfolio holdings and prospective holdings on both an individual stock and portfolio level. This is currently carried out using quantitative methods such as risk metrics and value-at-risk modelling as well as qualitative and exposure analysis.



The Macro team focuses on the behaviour of whole economies, as opposed to individual stocks or other securities. It provides the fund with the knowledge of what conditions, trends and events are affecting global markets.


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